Three weeks

Time just flies by, I’ve already been here three weeks, it’s crazy! I really love it here in southern California, but I’ll have to admit, it is kinda lonely at the moment. It’s not easy when all the au pairs have different schedules. I have things to do, for example study for my California Driver License. I think I’m gonna start that tomorrow. And since I got my Sony eReader today I want to read. The girl is sick when it comes to reading. The last Harry Potter book she read in like 4 hours. Maybe she can teach me how to read fast. That would be awesome, because I have 600 ebooks on my eReader already.

I celebrated my three-week day at the gym. Today I killed my legs. I didn’t do exactly as it said in my gym program, I was too much of a coward to try the full squat! I think it is a good exercise, so maybe next week… Rigjt now, ten hours later, my legs hurt like hell. I still have a lot of muscle soreness all over my body, like the chest and actually still the back. I think I’m just gonna have to get used to it. Tomorrow will be my last day of my first week of hardcore work outs. I will do core. I’ve already changed the two crunch exercises to machines. Much easier! Afterward I am going to reward myself with a jacuzi bath and/or some time in the sauna. I will probably need it!

Right now I am waiting for my uncle and his kids to login on Skype. Ella really wants to talk with me :).

And after that I think it’s time to get some sleep. It’s been a long day with stubborn children…

Sony eReader. My Sony eReader! It weighs like nothing, the screen looks exactly like paper and is so much smoother than a big fat book. It has WiFi, a dictionary (unfortunately not a SV-EN), Facebook, a web browser, you can add normal pictures, make notes (both with a keyboard and handwriting (a pen was included)). I love it! Wonder what book I will start with… yes, of course I will simultaneously read two books at the same time, I can’t wait 1000 pages until I can use it!


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