A tiny cold…

Not completely healthy yet. Feeling better than yesterday though but my head has been a little weird. Can’t tell if it feels like it’s hollow or extremely heavy. It’s annoying and because of this I thought it was best to stay away from spinning this morning. So I spent the whole morning in bed sleeping. It was awesome!

So the day went by very fast. It felt like I was dropping off the kids and then right after picked them up again. Both of the kids had soccer practice so we had to hurry with snacks and then I had an hour waiting for the boy. So I sat in the sun reading my awesome book. After seeing the movie last Friday I realized what a good book series this is. More things made sense and I had real faces on the characters.

The girl got driven home by her friend’s mom so I only had to stay and wait for the boy. When we got home we did some homework, he took a shower, I prepared the kids’ lunchboxes and then the boy played some math game on the iPad until his parents came home and started with dinner. We had a chicken pie of some sort and it was delicious! I remember having it once in the beginning of the year. We had leftovers which will be perfect as tomorrow’s lunch for me.

Now I think I will have some ice cream and watch a movie on HBOGO.

Floating house Once again, the mornings here in SoCal are foggy. This morning after I dropped off the girl at her school and was driving to the boy’s school I saw this floating house in the fog. (It’s in the middle of the picture, below the right light signal)


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