Halloween party

Sunday again and this weekend was so much fun. I attended my first real party here in America. One of the guys from beachvolleyball decorated his super big and awesome house with Halloween stuff. I think he was a contractor so his whole house was like an experiment. Eleven bedrooms with circular walls and stuff. Really cool!

Chad was driving so I could drink. I have been drinking a few times this year but those times were just  like one drink per occasion. Last night was the first time since last fall that I was actually drunk. Lagom, not too much, and I was talking with a lot of people I only just had seen at beachvolley before.  I had a really great evening!

Someone at beachvolleyball that morning said that it was a masquerade party so I bought a mask with Lovisa at Party City and then just had my red dress with it. But some people had Halloween costumes too.
Beachvolleyball was fun, I played pretty okay but it was really cold so as soon as I didn’t play I was freezing.

After volleyball I had brunch with Lovisa at the Broken Yolk and then we went to Party City. I didn’t have time to look for a costume for myself for trick or treating on Thursday, but Lovisa bought a bumblebee dress for her Halloween party that evening. I now know what I want to wear so I will go back tomorrow and buy my costume.


It feels like this post was kinda disorganized but I don’t care, I’m tired and I know that I have an awesome weekend behind me :).

Halloween party


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