Studying and more studying

Ugh, I am getting tired of this, can’t this week be over already? It’s not too long left now though. My first final tomorrow evening, and the next one the morning after, and after that I will be on my way. One more day of studying and I am done!

The test tomorrow will not be too bad. If I get more than 75% on the test I will still get an A as a final grade. But it is still stressful to go to a classroom and now that there will be a test waiting for me. So that’s what I’ve been doing today, I studied for that test, I also finished my Architecture History summary and finished the extra credit assignment for Fundamentals of Transportation Engineering. It felt so good to submit it and after that was crossed off my list I now only have two things left, yay!

I should probably go to bed now and read in my new book. I finished Revenge of Seven last night and started reading The Maze Runner. Goodnight!

Kelsey's Christmas giftKelsey got her Christmas gift from the British boys today, a golden egret and a pair of British socks.The egret is placed on our counter now and just looks glorious!


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