First page is written

Whoah, this was fun! The first page of my book is written (the first page in Word, I guess that equals around two pages in a printed book?) and I have to say that I like it. The language sounds good both in my head and when reading it aloud to my boyfriend. I can’t wait to write more!!

This whole weekend I finished drawing the map and figuring out what the different territories would look like. I wrote short synpopses of the first three steps in the story. I think the whole story will be maybe eight or nine steps? Well, I got eager and wanted to start writing, I can finish the short synopsis steps another day. I tried thinking of names (both for characters and places) as well, but after drawing a blank this whole weekend, I realized that that will be a huge pain in this process. Any help is appreciated :).

I am going to write a book (read: try)

I have always loved to write, I have tons of short novellas on my external hard drive dating back more than 10 years. On there are also countless ideas of stories I had when my mind wasn’t occupied with school and too much work on the side of university studies to make the personal economy go around. It is sad that I lost my creativity… Perhaps not lost it, but at least stored it in a box for a while. I also loved to paint when I was younger. I am not going into that again, but writing has always been a huge interest to me. If it hasn’t been fiction, I have at least had a blog so I have always had the opportunity to get words written down.

As of June 7th, my master thesis is approved, and since I don’t have any other courses dragging behind, I am now officially done with school. I think I have to apply for my degree before I get the Diploma though. But in any case, this means that I can finally start focusing on me again and get those rusty gears of the creative part of my brain up and running once again!

Ever since I was young I have always had the dream of being a published author and it will continue to be, but my first milestone towards that goal is to actually write something. So, for the past few months I have been thinking and taken a lot of notes and written down the main plot (I think it is clearer in my head than in written words right now though), the setting and a brief description of the environment where it will take place. I think I am on the right path. I want to do this right, and I believe this goes for anything, but if you want to do something right, go through a thorough planning phase first. I still have a few things I want to clarify for myself before actually start writing, like for examples the yeses I want to have in the story and the noes I want to stay away from (side note, can you say ‘yeses’ and ‘noes’?). I also have to make sure that I know what type of book I want to write, what kind of feelings do I want to generate with the readers. Maybe I don’t need all of this before writing, maybe it is just the project manager in me that wants to plan ahead and have a clear path in my head before writing anything down. I don’t think it will hurt and I am sure my notes will expand exponentially once I actually start writing.


I am not going to tell you anything yet, but I will keep you updated with regular intervals on what’s going on. I have plans to make this blog updated more often again!